Building Permits

Hideout Building Permit Application Instructions & Forms

Step 1: Download the following forms:

Step 2: Complete highlighted sections of the Excel Building Permit Application. Save in EXCEL FORMAT to submit digitally with other required documents. Print a PDF copy of the application, sign it, and submit a hard copy with your CD or jump drive.

Step 3: Print, sign and store required documents as instructed in the Document Check List.

Step 4: Bring your saved media, payment, printed and signed documents to the Town Hall:  10860 N. Hideout Trail.  If any documents are missing, your application will not be accepted.

Step 5: Your application will be submitted for Plan Review. Expect up to a 2-week turnaround with little to no issues. You will be working with our 3rd party engineers, EPIC Engineering.

Step 6: Upon plan approval you will receive an email notification. Your Building Permit number and construction sign will be issued from the Town when full payment is received.

Step 7: You must schedule a pre-construction meeting with Kent Cuillard, Public Works before any work begins on site. Phone: 435-503-7446.

Step 8: Inspections: Contact EPIC Engineering at 435-315-3742 or A 24- hour notice is required for all inspections.

Step 9: Certificate of Occupancy: Upon passing final inspection allow 72 hours for Town water, sewer and public works inspections. All fines must be paid before release.

Special Notes:

  • Make sure you read and fully understand the “Rules & Regulations. Share them with all of your subcontractors. This will go a long way to avoiding fines and WORK STOPPAGE orders.
  • Make sure your deferred item(s): (1 TRUSS PACKAGE (required) and (2 FIRE SPRINKLER PLANS (not required but recommended) are submitted AND APPROVED before the 4-way inspection. You may send Fire Sprinkler plans directly to Richard Lyman at: to expedite. Please make sure you cc: