Station 56


Communities along the SR-248 corridor are growing fast. Breathtaking views and easy outdoor access make our communities a desirable place to live. Our close proximity to the outdoors, however, means that we live in a high-risk fire area. While our remote location is appealing for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle, it has distanced us from emergency services. 

The Town of Hideout, the Wasatch Fire District and our partners are working together to bring life-saving emergency medical services closer to home.  

GCD Construction has generously provided free temporary use of the land for a fire station that will be called Station 56. Station 56 will serve residents and businesses in Hideout and along the SR-248 corridor. Station 56 is a temporary solution to ensure emergency medical needs and critical fire protection are provided to communities now while preparations are underway for a permanent fire station along the SR-248 corridor. 

Station 56 will reduce emergency response times, increase safety and reduce fire risk. The temporary site is located near the Ross Creek entrance to the Jordanelle State Park at the intersection of Deep Water and Recreation Drive. 

Local leaders and the Wasatch Fire District have worked together to conduct site surveying and preliminary engineering to prepare the site for the fire station. We need your help to cover the costs of the station facilities and site engineering, which total approximately $200,000.  

Make a tax-deductible donation to bring life-saving emergency services and critical fire protection to our community! 



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