Emergency Response Volunteers Needed

All of Hideout’s Public works personnel live outside Hideout.  Their response time to any off hours emergency would be a minimum of 35 or 40 minutes for the closest staff.  For others it can be an hour plus.


In the event of a water or sewer system alarm/water leak, etc., minutes are precious when it come to minimizing damage.  So we need to identify local residents who would be willing to respond in a crisis.


We have developed a 2 hour training session that we want to hold with any willing residents.  The training will cover first response actions that can make a huge difference in minimizing damages from a system issue.  These actions are primarily closing valves or insuring backup systems kick in.


The Town would indemnify you from any challenge arising from team response.  Additionally, you would not be required to undertake any action that you feel would be a safety risk to your personal safety.


As many of our residents – even the full-time ones – travel for business or pleasure, we need to train 10-12 candidates so that hopefully the odds are with us and at least one or two of the trained people are in Hideout at the time of need.


Would you please respond with your willingness to be one of our emergency response staff? 


Once we have a suitable candidate pool we will look for a few dates to hold the training.

Interested residents please send your expression of interest to hideoututah@hideoututah.gov