The Town Council Adopted Ordinance 2020-03 Implementing Certain Temporary Meeting Restrictions Concerning the COVID-19 Virus

On March 19, 2020 the Town Council adopted Ordinance 2020-03, implementing certain temporary meeting restrictions to ensure that public meetings remain accessible to the public while simultaneously not contributing to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Those restrictions include the following. The full text of the Ordinance may be accessed by clicking on this link.

Temporary Meeting Restrictions. The following restrictions will be in place for the longer of: (a) sixty (60) days after the date this Ordinance is passed and adopted; or (b) the termination of the state of emergency declared in Executive Order No. 2020-1.

a.         Electronic Meetings. All public meetings of the Town Council and the Planning Commission will be held by telephonic or electronic means. The public may participate in such meetings electronically, or by means of telephone access. The Town Council and Planning Commission shall provide a means by which interested persons and the public may remotely hear or observe, live, by audio or video transmission, the open portions of the meeting.

b.         No Anchor Location. As permitted under Executive Order No. 2020-5, the Town will not provide access to an “anchor location” where the public can participate by means of in-person attendance.

c.         Notice. The Town will continue to provide notice of public meetings by all means required under statute; provided, however, that as permitted under Executive Order No. 2020-5 the Town will not post written notice at the Town Hall.

d.         Public Comment. If a matter to be discussed at the public meeting requires or permits public comment, the Town Council or Planning Commission will provide a means by which interested persons and the public participating remotely may ask questions and make comments by electronic means in the open portions of the public meeting.

e.         Meeting Materials Available Electronically. The Town Council and the Planning Commission will use their best efforts to ensure that materials which would otherwise be made accessible to in-person participants, such as documents, charts, plats, etc., will be made available in real time via video link in connection with electronic meetings.

f.          Additional Restrictions. In addition to the foregoing, the Mayor is authorized to temporarily close Town Hall to the public. The Town will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any business such persons have with the Town can be transacted without entering Town Hall. The Mayor is hereby authorized to take additional executive action as the Mayor deems necessary to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of those working in, or visiting, Town Hall. Without limitation, the Mayor is authorized to extend the restrictions provided for in this Ordinance by an additional thirty (30) days upon written notice to the Town Council.

g.         Restrictions of Other Authorities Incorporated. To the extent restrictions adopted or imposed by the United States, the State of Utah, Wasatch County, or any agency or office of any of the foregoing in response to the COVID-19 virus require or implement health and safety standards or actions which are more stringent than those set forth herein, such standards or actions are incorporated herein by reference.