Statement Regarding Bruce Baird Comments

Statement Regarding Bruce Baird Comment:

 The Town of Hideout has received and reviewed Park City’s Statement regarding remarks made by attorney Bruce Baird.  We have reviewed the recording, and to be clear Mr. Baird was referencing all the “people who were Zoom bombing you and porn bombing you.” The Town of Hideout does not believe Mr. Baird was in any manner attempting to incite violence.  Further, Mr. Baird is not the Town’s attorney and the Town cannot choose who a developer may choose to hire.  The Town, however, does not in any manner condone any unprofessional or incendiary comments or actions. 

Although the Town’s pursuit of this annexation has caused many people to react in unfortunate ways, we are hopeful that all parties will approach this annexation process in a professional and respectful manner.  The Town is pursuing this annexation in good faith and in accordance with its legal rights.  While we may disagree as to the legal rights the Town may have, we can and should deal with these issues with professionalism, respect and civility.