Silver Meadows Traffic Study

Attached is a draft of the traffic study done to evaluate the impact on traffic from the build-out of the Silver Meadows development.  The data so far analyzes only the existing access points.  The study firm is developing a version that shows the benefit to traffic from a direct entry from SR248 to the development center.  The data on the new entrance will be available prior to the referendum vote, but the study firm says it will absolutely reduce demand on the entrances shown in this version.


The demand and usage numbers come from a combination of actual traffic flow studies on SR-248 and composite data on shopping center usage from multiple projects compiled by the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE). The composite data helps identify peak hour usage for various types of business which were used to feed the model. 


The model suggests that the traffic increase from the new development will be well within reason once the Browns Canyon/SR248 and the Richardson Flats/Kearns Blvd intersections are lighted.  Both of these locations are on the UDOT plan for street lights.  The added benefit of the lighted intersection will be a safe pedestrian crossing as well.


The report will be discussed on Wednesday May 12, 2021 at the Public Information Session