Press Release

Hideout is shocked by Summit County’s repeated bullying, mischaracterization of the facts and attempt to subvert Hideout’s citizen’s rights. Summit County wishes to quash the voice of its citizens and not let their vote stand. Summit County is well aware that certain procedural requirements have to be met after a referendum is passed by its citizens (here by a 2/3 majority) pursuant to Utah Code 20A-7-610(3) and the requirements still need to be followed even while the Court’s ruling is appealed (which the Court itself indicated would happen). Utah Code 20A-7-610 (3) requires the legislative body of a municipality to “immediately issue a proclamation” along with giving the total number of votes and a declaration that a referendum petition approved by majority vote be in full force and effect as the law of the local jurisdiction. Summit County took a similar approach in trying to undermine the election by requesting the oral ruling be made prior to the final date of the vote and suggests that the referendum was meaningless, when of course, the referendum had to go forward because the decision of the Court was a legal one, and is subject to appeal. Summit County didn’t cite all of the Lt. Governor’s emails and only used what they felt served their purpose. In fact, the Lt. Gov’s office supported Hideout’s approach since the court ruling was acknowledged in the proclamation. Furthermore, Summit County willfully ignored assurances by Hideout’s attorneys as officers of the Court, that “We are well aware of the court’s ruling and have no intention of violating it.” Instead, the County Attorney is using this as a publicity stunt. The County Attorney’s office is bringing a frivolous and meaningless motion in order to cause higher legal fees and end up wasting judicial resources. Summit County is trying to create controversy when there is none. They filed their motion late Friday afternoon before July 4th weekend and publicized it to local media knowing that it will not be heard before July 16, 2021 when the next hearing date is set. Summit County was only giving lip service when they said that they hoped to work with all municipalities “cooperatively toward regional planning solutions for the important growth and service issues facing our region.”