Letter to Golden Eagle Lot Owners Regarding Issuance of Building Permits


April 7, 2023

Dear Golden Eagle Lot Owner, 

Since the Town of Hideout sent the letter to Lot Owners in Golden Eagle on February 3, 2023, little has changed in the Mustang’s progress to complete the last few items on the checklist.  The items identified still have not been completed.     

As you may know, Mustang filed a second motion for a temporary restraining order against the Town on March 3, 2023, arguing that the items identified in the letter are not required for issuance of building permits.  The Town maintains, as it did in connection with the motion for sanctions and to enforce the Court’s prior order, that the items identified are required.  Argument was heard in the Fourth District Court before Judge Mabey on March 28, 2023.   An oral ruling on the motion is scheduled for April 24 at 8:30 a.m.  

The February 3 letter provided an update on what needs to be completed so that the Town can issue the permits.  While the Town has offered to work with Mustang to complete certain items, such as pressure testing, we understand Mustang’s position remains that the items are not required to be completed prior to issuance of building permits.  Unfortunately, the items are not things that the Town can complete on its own.  If you have questions about Mustang’s plans and timeline, we suggest that you contact Mustang directly. 

We reiterate that the Town of Hideout wants to issue building permits.  But, it can only do so when the requirements for doing so, which address health and safety concerns, are met.