Notice of Ordinance Adoption 2023-O-04 and 2023-O-05

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that during the regular Town Council Meeting of April 13, 2023, the Hideout Town Council adopted Ordinance Numbers 2023-O-04 and 2023-O-05.

  • Ordinance 2023-O-04 made technical corrections to Ordinance 2023-O-03 regarding Hideout Municipal Code 5.04.110 Standards for Weed Control
  • Ordinance 2023-O-05 re-adopted Ordinance 2018-06 relating to the cutoff time for items to be delivered to the Recorder in order to the included on the Town Council Agenda

Complete copies of Ordinances 2023-O-04 and 2023-O-05 can be reviewed online at , or ; or in-person at the office of the City Recorder during normal business hours.


Alicia Fairbourne
Recorder for Hideout


Posted and Published on the Hideout Town website and Utah Public Notice Website on 04/19/2023