Town Statement Regarding Golden Eagle Certificates of Occupancy

The Town has heard there are rumors circulating to the effect that the Town takes the position it will not issue Certificates of Occupancy within the Golden Eagle subdivision. To be clear, the Town takes no such position.  The Town will follow the requirements of the Master Development Agreement, which states that Certificates of Occupancy will be issued when all required infrastructure (except for landscaping) is “Substantially Complete.”   “Substantial Completion” means a point in the progress of a construction project where the work has reached the point that it is sufficiently complete such that any remaining work will not interfere with the intended use or occupancy of the project. For work to be substantially complete, it is not required that the work be 100% complete.   Certificates of Occupancy will be issued when all required infrastructure is substantially complete as defined above and a home meets the building code requirements after final inspection. Each home will be evaluated on an individual basis.