Winter Parking


Please be aware that the forecast calls for snowstorms for the next several days. 

As a reminder, Hideout Municipal Code 7.18.030 prohibits parking on the street where the pavement runs from curb to curb, and also within five feet (5’) of any paved public street surface, where the full improvements to the street are not completed, to ensure there is no obstruction to the plows that would cause health, safety and welfare concerns. This regulation shall be enforced between the hours of twelve o’clock (12:00) midnight and seven o’clock (7:00) A.M. from the period of October 31 through April 15th while snow is actively falling, and the day after snowfall ceases. Vehicles parked on town streets, as defined above, are subject to immediate towing at the discretion of the Town or designee. Striped parking spaces within the public right of way, used for commercial, office, civic or similar type uses shall be exempt from this restriction.

Additionally, Hideout Municipal Code 7.18.100 prohibits any person to deposit, haul, push, blow, or otherwise deposit snow accumulated on private property within the traveled portion of any public street. 

For additional winter parking  and snow removal information, please view Hideout Municipal Code 7.18 or contact Alicia at 435-640-2188.

We appreciate your cooperation.