Notice of Ordinance Adoption 2024-O-02

Ordinance Adoption

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that during the rescheduled regular Town Council Meeting of February 28, 2024, the Hideout Town Council adopted Ordinance Number 2024-O-02 for the following purposes:

  • Adopt Hideout Municipal Code to allow a fire/emergency medical station (EMS) as a conditional use within the Resort Specialty Planned Area (RSPA) zoning designation; and
  • To amend the numbering of the Application Process to Hideout Municipal Code; and
  • To amend Hideout Municipal Code 12.26.08 to follow the Utah State Code requirements for noticing the public hearing to be held for a conditional use permit.

Complete copies of Ordinance 2024-O-2 can be reviewed online at, or; or in-person at the office of the City Recorder during normal business hours.

Alicia Fairbourne
Recorder for Hideout

Posted and Published on the Hideout Town website and Utah Public Notice Website on 03/05/2024