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Notice Date & Time: 11/5/19 12:00 AM

PUBLIC NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF NOVEMBER 5, 2019 ELECTION On September 5, 2019, Hideout Town Council passed Resolution 2019-10 as authorized by Utah Code �20A-1-206 (a)(i) to cancel the municipal election that was to be held in Hideout on November 5, 2019. The resolution certified that Jerry Dwinell, Vytas Rupinskas and Kurt Shadle declared their candidacy for three open Town Council seats, were unopposed, and were thereby declared elected to the three Town Council seats that will become open in January 2020.

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Voting in Hideout is managed by Wasatch County.  Information can be found at https://www.wasatch.utah.gov/clerk#57712-elections---voting



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