Silver Meadows -Recreation Lift Analysis

The SE group is the selected study partner for the recreation lift analysis.  ( They have raised a number of key questions that need to be addressed prior to actually developing their analysis.  For example:

  • What is the purpose of the lift?
    • To take people to a look-out?
    • To take people to a “mini plaza” where they can get a beverage and a sandwich?
    • To take people to the top to access trails?
  • Is it expected to serve the residents of the development?
    • If so, does a ride to the top of the hill do that?
    • If so, then maybe a mid-station of a separate lift would be needed
    • If so, then maybe the design of the housing areas would need to modified
  • Do we expect the lift to be a reason people would come to the area?
    • If so, what amenities or services do we offer to make it an attraction?
  • Given our answers, the type of lift is likely impacted.  High speed, quad vs triple or double, length of time from bottom to top, etc.  The answers to this effects cost to build, staff, operate and maintain.


They suggested we might want to do a survey on these and other key questions to see how the community feels the lift could be utilized if it is built.


The SE Group is developing cost data for a few scenarios.  One lift, one lift with a mid-station, 2 lifts, and double vs quad, detatchable vs. standard, etc.


We will have cost data prior to the referendum vote.  The cost data will help us decide whether the questions described above are realistic to consider and we can present our findings prior to the vote.