Silver Meadows – Fiscal Data



The Town commissioned two separate consulting firms (Zions Municipal Finance ( and Lewis & Young ( to evaluate the fiscal impact from the development.  Both studies suggest revenues at $15MM over a 20-year period, and after expenses suggest that the Town will net between $3MM and $7MM as the 2 models made different assumptions around whether the Town pays for certain services or the Development/HOA.  The differences in assumprions will be cleared up before the final version from Lewis & Young is issued.  The Hideout tax rate stays constant in both models.  In addition, the community will benefit from the donation of a Town Hall, a school site, additional parks and trails, and space for emergency services and non-profit operations.


The Zions Report is a final report


The Lewis & Young Report is a draft and subject to further review.  The final report will be made available prior to the

referendum vote.