Notice of Dark Skies Ordinance Adoption

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that during the regular Town Council Meeting of October 13, 2022, the Hideout Town Council adopted Ordinance number 2022-O-06, which enacted Dark Skies Lighting compliance within the boundaries of Hideout. This Ordinance will promote the following:

•    Permit the use of outdoor lighting that does not exceed the minimum levels specified in IES recommended practices for night-time safety, utility, security, productivity, enjoyment, and commerce. 

•    Minimize adverse offsite impacts of lighting such as light trespass and obtrusive light

•    Curtail light pollution, reduce skyglow and improve the nighttime environment for astronomy

•    Help protect the natural environment from the adverse effects of night lighting from gas or electric sources

•    Conserve energy and resources to the greatest extent possible

Complete copies of Ordinance 2022-O-06 can be reviewed online at, or; or in-person at the office of the City Recorder during normal business hours.

Alicia Fairbourne
Recorder for the Town of Hideout


Posted and published on October 13, 2022